9+ Chic Ways to Style Your Home This Holiday for a Modern Twist

Oct 27, 2023

Replace traditional holiday decor with a modern spin that merges elegance and comfort, enhancing your holiday spirit without compromising your home style.

Delightful Dose of Holidays at Home

Decorating for the holidays doesn’t have to be a jarring departure from your usual home aesthetic. In fact, there’s something truly magical about a home that captures the spirit of the season while staying true to its own unique style. Here, we offer nine expert tips to help you find the sweet spot between holiday magic and tasteful home decor. These ideas aim to elevate your holiday decorations, allowing you to enjoy the season without sacrificing your love for elegant design.

Resist the Holiday Contest

First things first, let’s toss out the notion that holiday decorating is a competitive sport. Ignore the voice that tells you to outshine your neighbor’s 10-foot inflatable Santa. Instead, focus on what makes you and your family feel joyful. You could opt for sentimental ornaments that bring back lovely memories or simply add some well-placed twinkling lights and green sprigs. The key is to go for a minimalist yet warm festive look that is personal to you and complements your home.

Embrace the 'Two-Tree' Concept

Here's an idea that might pique your interest: having two Christmas trees. One tree serves as the ‘fun’ tree, adorned with handmade ornaments, the kids' school projects, and other knick-knacks that celebrate family memories. The other could be your 'pretty' tree, which allows you to express your more design-centric side. This tree could feature a carefully curated color scheme and high-quality ornaments. Essentially, one tree celebrates the family, while the other celebrates your love for design—both important facets of the holiday season.

Jazz up Your Greenery

Don't underestimate the power of a wreath or garland to elevate your space. This year, consider adding a modern twist to your greenery by incorporating unexpected elements. Designer ornaments, small artworks, or even whimsical critters can add flair and personality. These elements bring an unexpected touch of color and detail that make your holiday decor uniquely yours.

Break Free from Traditional Colors

Who said that red and green are the only colors allowed for Christmas? Bypass the traditional holiday palette and choose colors that work well with your existing decor. Love vibrant hues? Go bold with turquoise or fuchsia. Prefer a subdued look? Soft blush or icy blue can be just as festive when styled correctly. The point is to let your home’s personality guide your color choices, not outdated holiday conventions.

Utilize Your Existing Dishware

Fancy holiday-themed dishware can be fun, but it’s not essential for creating a festive tablescape. In fact, your everyday china or crystal glasses can be just as effective when styled creatively. Start with a beautiful tablecloth as your base and build upwards. Layer placemats, plates, and then finally add cloth napkins and an attractive napkin holder to create depth and visual interest. You’d be surprised how a little layering can make everyday items feel special and festive.

Keep Santa for the Kids

Let’s face it, kitschy Santa motifs have a time and place, but perhaps they aren't the right fit for an adult gathering. For a more refined decorating style, think about replacing the overly commercial holiday elements with more subtle decor. For example, neutral animal patterns paired with glamorous napkin rings can offer a stylish and impactful look that’s still very much in the holiday spirit.

Swap Poinsettias for White Flowers

White flowers like paperwhites, calla lilies, hydrangeas, or roses can be an elegant alternative to the ubiquitous poinsettia. Their pristine appearance brings a sense of calm and beauty that complements more modern, chic aesthetics. Place them in stylish vases around the house, and you'll find they seamlessly integrate with your existing decor while adding a festive touch.

Exude Coziness

With shorter days and colder weather, the holidays are the perfect time to ramp up the coziness factor in your home. Introduce comforting elements like plush faux-fur pillows, cashmere blankets, and scented candles that evoke the holiday spirit. These small changes can make a big difference in how inviting and warm your home feels, encouraging relaxation and togetherness during the busy holiday season.

Embrace Imperfections

Remember, the goal isn't to create a showroom; it's to celebrate the season. Don’t get hung up on achieving a perfectly symmetrical mantle or impeccably styled tree. Instead, relish the joy and imperfections that come with decorating your home for the holidays. Letting go of the small stuff allows you to focus on what really matters: the comfort and happiness of you and your loved ones.

Wrapping up

There you have it—nine stylish strategies, carefully curated from top designers, to help you achieve a holiday decor that's both warm and elegant. By integrating these tips into your holiday plans, you can create a space that perfectly balances festive cheer with your own unique style. So this year, rather than conforming to a cookie-cutter holiday look, craft an environment that celebrates both the holiday season and your individual aesthetic. With a little planning and creativity, you can enjoy the best of both worlds, setting the stage for a holiday season that is both comfortable and chic.